Fitness Junkie

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I’ve been a fitness junkie my whole life … as far as I can remember. In the beginning, my fitness ‘fixes’ were delivered via TV and video classes courtesy of Jane Fonder, Kathy Smith, and Karen Voight and every fitness guru in between. Fitness became one of my big passions. I thirsted for fitness knowledge. I was driven not just to develop a great body, but also to achieve and maintain a healthy life style. I drew deep inspiration from the knowledge that we all possess a sculptor-like power to shape our bodies into works of art.

Discovering the science behind exercise, nutrition, the healing capacity of quality foods, and creating optimum prowess through exercise fascinated me. My first jobs were in the fitness industry. I taught aerobics, body-conditioning and dance classes at a local gym and on my college campus during my undergraduate years. I continued fitness teaching during my early years in New York City. The fitness teaching subsided as my performance career took on grander dimensions, however my deep passion for fitness has never diminished.  My fitness obsession has  grown and become part of a  bigger passion to lead, inspire and help others grow.

Let us never be afraid of fitness and the positive change it brings. Let us commit to both and keep our lives healthy and vibrant!