Inspiration of the Month – Receiving the prize too soon

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We’ve all experienced times when something was given to us too soon. Perhaps it was a promotion, material possession or an opportunity. Years ago, I remember asking God for the principle role in a major show because I felt perfect for the part. I studied the landscape of the role and thoroughly considered what I could offer as an artist. Alas, God had a different plan. I auditioned and was hired as a member of the ensemble. Thankfully, I wasn’t too heartbroken. But I wondered why God was holding out on the prize.  A little while later, I received my answer when God whispered, “you have more to learn.” It wasn’t my time.

I grew to understand a very important lesson … better not question God’s timing because he truly has your best interest and knows what you “need” before you “want” it. If you let go and allow opportunities to take their own course, you will have peace in your decisions and less heartbreak. God puts us in process before giving us the prize.

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