As I reflect on Mother’s Day, I would like to celebrate and pay tribute to all mothers who are alive or remembered.

Regardless of the status of our relationship with our mothers, we have a special bond with the person who conceived and bore us. Mothers ground us, provide words to live by, get us through rough patches and give us unconditional love. There are many names for this special person … mom, mother, mama. I call mine ‘mommy’.

I feel extremely blessed to have my mommy, the beautiful Jacqueline Augusta Cooper. She gives me encouragement, strength, wisdom, laughter, and most of all … love. When I speak with her on the phone, I hear the love and laughter in her voice, even when she’s tired or worried. She never stops blessing or loving me. I often wonder what I did to have God bless me with such a superlative person. I am deeply grateful.

The one talent I wished I received from my mommy is her impeccable handwriting. OMG! Her handwriting is out-of-this-world. She possesses the penmanship of Jane Eyre! Beautiful handwriting is an art and a gift. Either you have it or you don’t. Her gorgeous writing inspires me to keep everyone of her letters, cards, and recipes in a very special place.

Well, enough about my beautiful mommy. I encourage you to read the “I remember mom…” section of this BLOG.  Get comfortable, put on your favorite music, pour a glass of wine and sink into more wonderful Mother stories from my friends, Shane Morton and Julia Maddox.