Springtime is here!


Spring is officially here!  It’s time to brush off the winter blues. It’s time to clean our homes, put those sneakers on and hit the road, or sign up for a new yoga class. It’s time to re-focus on health and passions. As we inhale the clean spring air and observe the blossoms blooming, let us first give thanks for our many blessings. Here’s to a fantastic and exciting spring!

2 thoughts on “Springtime is here!

  1. Hi Tiffany. Girl you look great!!!! So nice to see you happy and successful in life. I had so much fun in that theatre office with all of you. Some of the best laughs in my life was with you all. I am retired and love it. I sew quite a bit, mostly small quilts. I used to love to see you come in wearing your hats. You and Nicole sure had a flare for fashion. Thanks for all the sweet memories at MSU.


    • Hi Joan,

      What a wonderful suprise. You sound great. Thanks for reaching out to me on my blog. Life is great. I lived in NYC for over 2o years and lived abroad performing and traveling. Now I live in Anchorage AK; alternating between New York city. I’m happy doing what I love and growing. Please keep in contact. Please look for me on Facebook. Thanks again for reaching out.


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