An Interview with Sarah Ripard – Actress, Host, Producer


Sarah Ripard Is the creator/executive producer and host of Being Mom with Sarah Ripard, and new television talk show about ‘Conscious Parenting’. Born and raised in Europe, the heart of her family tradition has been rooted in the discipline of television, film and theatre.

A diverse and rich cultural heritage exposed Ripard to many different customs and cultural influences. This has been instrumental in her development as a citizen of the world, an educator and a performing artist.

Never to shy away from challenging topics, Ripard’s body of work behind the scenes and in front of an audience reflects her passion and motivation to continue creating responsible and mind provoking programming.

Ripard’s intention is to open up the audience to think more consciously about how we view our own lives and gain the knowledge to rise to our greatest potential by ‘dreaming bigger’ than we ever imagined.


1. Explain what you do?

This is such an illuminating and exciting chapter in my life! My husband and I are the creators and executive producers of a new television talk show called Being Mom with Sarah Ripard, an entirely different talk show that deals with the concerns and lifestyle issues we all face as parents at all stages.

With my life long passion for children and position as host of the show, my mission is to utilize the transformative power of television to inspire and empower the lives of parents and caregivers.  By creating a non-judgmental space Being Mom will open its audience’s to a variety of topics on how we view pregnancy, birth, parenting and the development of our children.

We’ll discover life-changing information so you can enjoy a fuller and richer experience with the children in your lives.

Conscious Parenting! This is what Being Mom with Sarah Ripard is all about.

2. When do you feel most creative?

I feel the most creative when I am in balance and connected with everything around me.  When I pay close attention to my purpose and absorb the beauty of life in every form.

I truly believe when you tap into the miracle that life, in all forms, has to offer and let the idea of that flow, then creativity unfolds.

Creativity doesn’t always manifest itself from a positive experience.  In fact, out of utter sadness and despair I feel immense creativity surge its way forward. So whether it’s listening to sounds in nature, or smelling the fragrance of a flower as I walk with my dog or see the pure joy in my child’s eyes as she succeeds in a new task, I am inspired to create.

I mean think about it, we come into existence from a creative source, we see creation (positive or destructive) all around us.  It’s truly jaw-opening.

When I am in an awakened state, creativity seems to seep from so many places.  I almost feel like a little kid in a candy store wondering where it’s going to come from next.

3. What is the most used appliance in your home?

Umm! Interesting question? Had to think about that one for a bit.

I would have to say our electric kettle. We are connected to our international lifestyle on this one. There is a comfort in lots of cups of tea throughout the day!

4. What is the most important thing you’re ever done that you didn’t want to do?

 There have been a few pivotal moments in my life that have struck me deeply, but the one that forced me to take major action was when I had to consciously separate myself from a close family member (I’d rather not say who exactly).

The situation finally exploded and there was no going back. In order to create some healthy boundaries in our relationship I had to distance myself to gain some clarity.

In the beginning I spent many days crying and mourning the loss of that relationship, though it had been extremely emotionally toxic for years.

What added salt to the wound was the fact that I was at the top of my career on Broadway at the time and I knew this family member was not going to be a part of that joy and journey with me.

By way of that experience, (it lasted about a year) I grew into the most spiritually awakened and psychologically healthy ME I had always wanted. It was the first time in my life I stood up for myself in an authentic way.

From that time forward I was resolved to never allow myself to enter into a relationship like that again.  It was also a wonderful chance for me to see what my ‘mirror’ had been in the relationship. How my thinking had shaped what happened and take ownership of my responses to the past, re-examine my belief system and start anew.

The best decision I ever made!  I am so happy to announce that today my relationship with this family member is in a healthy place; not perfect but healthy for both sides.

5. At the end of the day, what do you do to make yourself happy?

Have Gratitude! And tell my husband and my baby girl how much I love them and just be silly with laughter. I always say out loud, “these are the moments we’ll never get back! Enjoy! Rejoice! Renew!” Simple pleasures that burrow deep to the core of my being.

6. What do you day dream about?

So many many wonderful dreams run through my head all the time.  I prefer to call them ‘dream it into reality dreams’. One dream I have is for the ‘positive collective consciousness’ to spread into the hearts of every single person at lightening speed and reach every crevice across this magical planet.

I day dream of a place where we can live in an ever expanding field of possibility NOW and not believe it’s a fairy tale book for the future. Where we see just how amazingly powerful and beautiful we are, inside and out, and transcend in ways that boggle the mind indeed!

7. What kind of legacy do you hope to leave behind?

That I cared to make a difference in the lives of others in a positive way.

Springtime is here!


Spring is officially here!  It’s time to brush off the winter blues. It’s time to clean our homes, put those sneakers on and hit the road, or sign up for a new yoga class. It’s time to re-focus on health and passions. As we inhale the clean spring air and observe the blossoms blooming, let us first give thanks for our many blessings. Here’s to a fantastic and exciting spring!

Inspiration of the Month – Feeling Powerful

Feeling powerful starts with telling the truth about where you are in your life. Do you feel stuck or unsure about how to take the next step to your dreams? If you’re not currently aware of your purpose in life, it doesn’t matter. Just pick any activity to get moving in some direction. This will help you discover your purpose and awaken your dreams. Get off the couch. Doing nothing may feel easy, but it makes you unhappy.

“… the risk of moving toward our dreams is much lower than the slow, everyday punishment you inflict on yourself by suppressing your dreams.”

– Mel Robbins